The Tortoise and the Hare – a children’s book by Ransley Cuckmere (writer) and Sanyukta Stargazer (illustrator)


Over grassy fields he rambled
Through the woods he slowly ambled
And beneath that cheery sun
He dreamed of shouting; “Yes, I won!”

Tortoise wishes more than anything to be fast and sporty like his friend. But can he really win a race against a hare? Maybe a little cheating will help… Tortoise learns the value of true friendship, and that we all have our own talents, in this retelling of the Aesop’s fable.

“What I like about this is we have a clearly modern take on a great storyline, and that allows parents to have a modern conversation with their children. It’s a book with a moral and a message, and I love it when books do that.”  Review by Kids Fun Channel

“This is a great book to help emphasize confidence and believing in yourself and your own abilities.” Review by Indie Children’s Authors Connection

Available in paperback and as an eBook